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Who We Serve

Who we serve

We serve marginalized girls, children, children with disability, adolescent girls and young people, particularly those from poorest households, from rural areas and are at risk of not attending school. The organization fills an important gap by providing safe and stimulating school environments for children, youth and women to develop the skills they need to embrace opportunity and bounce back from adversity. iGLOW also works to support inclusive education where inclusion means, transforming schools so that they can respond to the diverse needs of all children – ensuring that they are not just in the classroom but participating and learning.


Globally 132 million girls are out of school, including 34.3 million of primary school age, 30 million of lower-secondary school age, and 67.4 million of upper-secondary school age. Girls usually have to overcome multiple hurdles to access the same learning opportunities as boys.


About 258 million children and youth are out of school. The total includes 59 million children of primary school age, 62 million of lower secondary school age and 138 million of upper secondary age.

Children with disability

An estimated 65 million primary and secondary school-age children have disabilities – close to half of them are out of school. Children with disabilities are less likely to start school and if they do, they are unlikely to transition to secondary school. Their access to school is often limited by a lack of understanding about their needs, and a lack of trained teachers, classroom support, learning resources and facilities.